Terms of Sale: All purchases must be settled within 3 business days following the date of sale. The settlement may be by Cash, Cashier’s Check, Company Checks, Wire Transfer ($15 fee), ACH, or all Major Credit Cards (4% fee will be applied for credit card purchases)All checks should be made payable to Idol Auctions Company. 

SALES TAX: All Sales will be subject to State and Local Sales Tax Laws where items are located unless otherwise listed. Sales tax will be collected on non-titled items per state regulations. **Exemptions apply if you’re able to provide up to date tax exempt form. Also we will not charge sales tax on titled vehicles. 

BIDDING: In case of a tie bid, auctioneer or firm reserves the right to reopen the bid between those two bidders. Auctioneer/ firm reserves the right to revoke any bid card at any time.  Anyone bidding for an account other than their own must obtain a separate bid number for that account.

SELLERS CONFORMATION: We also offer a sellers conformation.  This means items sold  are subject to sellers approval of the final bid. If not approved the item will be marked as a no sale.

NO WARRANTIES: All sales are AS-IS, WHERE-IS, and with all faults.  Bidder agrees to solely rely on the online inspection report & video.  All sales are final.  Bidder will not be entitled to any adjustment, allowance, or damages or any other remedy regarding the condition of any item purchased.

PICKUP ITEMS AFTER WILLING: ALL BIDDERS ARE ENTERING AT THEIR OWN RISK WHEN OBTAINING A MACHINE.  Bidder agrees these items can be potentially dangerous because of heavy equipment operation.  Regardless of cause, the seller, Auctioneer or Idol Auctions Company and its agents will not be responsible for any injury to anyone taking ownership of a machine. Please proceed with caution.

AGENCY: Idol Auctions Company, Inc. is acting as agent of the seller and at no time acting on behalf of the buyer. The auctioneer / firm reserves reserve the right to bid on items on self of the seller as permissible by the uniform commercial code. 

RISK OF LOSS: Once auctioneer accepts the highest bid, any item is then sold.  The buyer then takes delivery or secures hauling method and assumes all risk of loss for the item and buyer agrees to obtain full liability insurance coverage for the item as may be required by law.

TITLES: Titles are not available on sale day and will be mailed to purchaser approximately 10 business days after satisfactory settlement.  No titles will be available if vehicles are marked “No Title”. Auctioneer shall in no way be responsible for any losses, damages, attorney’s fees, costs of any kind, interest, punitive damages or any other type of damages resulting from such delay and Auctioneer shall have no liability to Purchaser or any subsequent purchaser for any title delays for any reason whatsoever. 

LOADING: All equipment must be removed ten calendar days after the sale.  Idol Auctions Company or employees are not responsible for loading or unloading equipment. We are not responsible for securing loads. 

Buyers Fee

An 8% online buyers premium to all purchases made with an additional  2.5% provide fee charge capped @ $750. Buyers premium is due to Idol Auctions Company.
Sales tax will be collected on non-titled items per state regulations. Tax rate is determined by the physical location of the item(s). 
Exemptions apply if you’re able to provide up to date tax exempt form.


CA Buyers

Buyers of titled items physically located in CA will be charged a $70.00 Doc fee and $25.00 administrative fee. There will be a 15% buyer’s fee charged on all lots sold located in CA. (The Buyer’s Fee in CA is taxable). For each titled Auction Item sold in California, Purchasers who are California residents will be charged California sales tax and applicable fees at the time of purchase.There will be a $50.00 Smog Test fee, $8.25 Smog Certificate fee, $19.00 National Motor Vehicle Fee Registration Fee, Transfer Fee, .65% License Fee and a Weight Fee. • Non-Resident CA buyers will be charged California sales tax, but will be eligible for a refund of such sales tax after presenting Auction Firm with a signed bill of lading showing the Auction Item has been successfully removed from the state of California. 

Payment Terms

Purchaser will be notified of its winning bid on the date of Sale. Invoices will be emailed to Purchaser no later than the end of the 1st business day following the date of Sale.

Unless agreed to in writing by Auctioneer,
-Complete payment is required within 3 business days of the sale, in guaranteed funds: traveler’s checks, money orders and/or bank certified checks. Company  checks will be accepted. All major credit cards will be accepted, buyer will assume additional 4% fee for credit card purchases.
-International Buyers will need to wire transfer full payment directly from their bank to Idol Auctions Company bank account. No International checks will be accepted.  
-Should Purchaser fail to pay in full for all Auction Item(s) within 3 business days following the date of Sale, Purchaser shall remain fully responsible for the purchase price therefor and the buyer’s fee applicable thereto. In addition to all other rights of Auctioneer contained herein, if a default occurs and Purchaser has not made full payment by the 3rd business day following the date of Sale, Auctioneer may, in its sole discretion, elect to: (a) charge a 2% late fee and, for so as long as the default continues to occur, all outstanding financial obligations shall bear interest at the interest rate of 2% per month (the “Default Interest Rate”). The Default Interest Rate shall apply from the date of the default through the time any judgment thereon is paid in full; or (b) declare any Auction Item(s) for which full payment has not been received a “No Sale” and charge a 20% restocking fee with respect to each such Auction Item equal to the greater of (i) 20% of the applicable sale price for the Auction Item or (ii) $250. • If for any reason a court or arbitrator(s) deems the Default Interest Rate excessive or impermissible, the arbitrator(s) or judge shall impose the maximum default interest rate permitted and all other terms contained herein shall remain valid and enforceable.
-Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Purchaser shall be responsible for any applicable towing, storage and restocking fees and all reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, default interest and other costs incurred by Auctioneer associated with the enforcement of this provision. If payment is made via credit card, the purchaser agrees these fees may be applied to card if buyer does not meet their obligations. 

Removal of Items

All items must be removed by appointment with seller only, and scheduled 24 hours in advance.  Upon settlement, buyer will receive contact information of how to contact seller and arrange pickup. We request the item be picked up with in 10 days of the settlement date, and there will be a charge of $25 per day after unless arrangements are made with the seller. Any purchases left over 90 days becomes property of Idol Auctions Co. 

 A “paid in full” receipt must be presented by Purchaser for removal, and in certain cases Purchaser will be asked to sign a Delivery and Acceptance Certificate indicating that Purchaser has accepted and taken delivery of the Auction Items. Purchaser shall be deemed to have taken delivery of all Auction Items on execution of the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate regardless of whether Purchaser removes the same in a single or multiple trips to the Auction site.